Public Debt

Public Debt

Public debt management is one of the main institutional missions of the Department of the Treasury, achieved through management, coordination, monitoring and liaison with international institutions and organisations.

Public Debt's Objectives


The "Empowered & Open Digital Platform for Public Debt Management" innovation programme for public finances aims to ensure greater efficiency for the entire public debt management process, while promoting a collaborative approach towards sharing and exchanging data.


More specifically, the actions taken by the Department of the Treasury to implement this system have four key objectives:



To provide the Department with tools to ensure the quality of the data in the system and of their processing, guaranteeing that data are duly checked, verified and consolidated.


To share up-to-date and reliable information in an Open Data context, ensuring greater debt management transparency to the benefit of citizens and businesses.


To improve the sharing of data, communications and documents with other institutions and administrations, using technological solutions that foster collaboration.


To develop administrative and IT processes and extend services for employees, citizens and businesses, contributing to Italy’s digital growth.

Areas of work

Areas of work

Creating an Enterprise Information Management platform to consolidate and group together data based on how they are actually used by end users; exploiting the potential offered by integrating different data sources. This system creates an environment to share data and information in an Open Data format, helping to improve the efficiency of decision-making processes, thanks to the fact that data and information are shared and compared more.

Creating a space dedicated to co-creation and co-design activities, involving internal and external stakeholders to define and develop new services. In order to strengthen the DT's institutional capacity, the introduction of physical assets will also be accompanied by the development of ‘design thinking’ skills.

Carrying out organisational-dimensional analysis of how public debt management is organised, mapping the different skills of staff members and the various offices involved with the processes and identifying organisational roles and procedures. The aim of this activity is to identify the digital skills already present in order to pinpoint any training requirements and take action to optimise the organisation.

Strengthening management systems by optimising the platform that offers management services for public debt processes, through microservice architecture and API exposure. Performance is therefore guaranteed to improve thanks to the fact that the system is as robust, resilient and maintainable as possible.

Project Documents Public Debt

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